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I wish I could fuck my Lieutenant until I cum deep in her pussy, getting her pregnant, while her husband is away.
Thu May 23 19:59:45 2019 · Like · Dislike · Reply
When I was younger I sucked off my black friend a few times, I’m a guy. I remember him being so big & hard. Lately I been wanting to suck another big dick. If you stay in Alabama & got a big dick & tryna get sucked off, text me at 2052873219. Even better if you stay in Birmingham.
Wed May 15 03:05:46 2019 · Like · Dislike · Reply
I had sex with a stranger to get back at my ex for spreading rumours about me.. might as well make them true right?
Mon May 13 19:31:42 2019 · Like · Dislike · Reply
Twice a month I go to the shore and stay for the weekend at my aunts house. When I get back from the beach I shower out back and know for sure that my cousin Kim and her girlfriend Annie are watching me. Its a shower stall but the walls are wood slats and there are 5 or 6 places where they can see in from. Its bad because I like it when I know they are looking at me shower. About 3 months ago I started letting them watch me jerk off and I just pretend I don't know they are watching me. My aunt would kill her if she knew about it.
Thu May 9 09:22:51 2019 · Like · Dislike · +2 · Reply
I'm drug and disease free
Mon May 6 18:54:32 2019 · Like · Dislike · Reply
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